Saturday, February 28, 2015

Puppy Scrapbook Layout

Our puppy's litter mate was adopted by my best friend from college. We've had two play dates already trying to socialize the dogs. It was really hard to get pictures of them as they were super excited (and fast!)

I used three instagram photos and the Crate Paper Boys Rules paper pack with American Craft Thickers. 

Pug Scrapbook Layout

My 14, nearly 15 year old pug got a terrible bacterial eye infection last month. I was resolved to have a one eyed, deaf pug.  After lots of medication and TLC, his eye is better. He will never have 100% sight in that eye but he can keep it … hopefully forever. He recovered and besides his eye (and being deaf), he's a rock star or pug star as I call him. 

This is a layout for my pugalicious. I used mostly Crate Paper and Elle Studio with Studio Calico and A Flair for Buttons. 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Boy Wonder Scrapbook Layout

As you can tell by my past layouts, we are a big animal loving family. We adore pets but that isn't true for my littlest guy. Since he was a baby, he was afraid of dogs. He never had a reason for it and the pugs were here long before he was, but it's something we hoped he'd eventually outgrow. 

Before we got Odin, our puppy, he asked for a "big dog." We were surprised and the timing all worked  out. 

The first few weeks were tough. Odin is a puppy and a lot more energetic than the pugs but he's a great cuddler. In fact, he slept with Five most nights, at Five's request. 

And now, I won't say that Five is cured from his fear of dogs but I will say that Five will cuddle and pet Oden willingly. There are times where I even have to say, "Leave Odin alone" - who would have thought?

I was gifted with the Crate Paper Open Road kit - what a nice present and how cool to get an entire line!! I used the one Kit for this layout and expect more. I plan to use the entire package on layouts. 

February Scraptastic Kit Club Share

I'm just not taking lots of pictures because of the weather and how cold it is. So I set a few pictures up for the sake of Scrapbooking. 

Except this one - Boob Holders Scrapbook Layout. My four year old wants a bra. My friends sent me a sports bra and when I opened the packaged, Nina was certain that the bra was hers. 

I have two puppy layouts because our Siberian Retriever is seriously growing like a weeed and killing lots of his stuffie toys. 

The converse layout was thanks to my 15-year-old telling me how vintage these sneakers were from the 90's. ��

Friday, January 23, 2015

Scraptastic Jan 2015 Layout Share

I only received three pieces of cardstock and while I complained about the colors (the salmon, mint and tan) being repeated, I have to say I felt like I was missing out. I did add in five pages from my own stash for this kit though. I also added on a ton of wood veneers!

The layouts I did are Modern Girl SCrapbook layout; Davinci Center Scrapbook Layout; Happy Hour Happy Heart Scrapbook Layout; Aesop Fable's Scrapbook Layout; and All About That Bass Scrapbook Layout. 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

But those eyes: Puppy Scrapbook Layout

Our new puppy has these unbelievable eyes. Here he's nine weeks old and we were playing outside that with the kids. I looked down and his blue eyes looked crystal clear in the sun. I had the title from the first comment whenever anyone sees him ".... But those eyes, though..."

Just using up my stach. I have pieces from every major manufacturer on this layout. 

Fancy Fancy Scrapbook Layout

I'm seriously just trying to go throw all of my scrapbook supplies. My supplies are so outdated - I feel like I'm living in a house with shag carpets and wood paneling while all my friends have wood floor and granite counter tops. 

I can not justify spending to update my stash but I can not just sit back and not use stuff. I don't scrapbook nearly everything that I used to so I don't have the volume of photos to scrap and I have let art journeling fall to the wayside. 

Anyway, I did a layout with the leftover December Scraptastic Kit papers, leftover Lawn Fawn embelishments, a sheet of Heidi Swapp paper and letter stickers. It's a layout that came together in my head when I wasn't thinking about scrapbooking. 

- Aren't those the best layouts? 

Well the fruits of my labor!

Holiday Party Scrapbook Layout

Another leftover from December and filed with the Crate Paper Peppermint paper pad. 

New Years Scrapbook layout

The leftovers from my December Scraptastic Kit and from the My Mind's Eye All is Bright collection. 

This is a picture of me and my college bestie and her sister on New Years. 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

MacCabe Scraps: Scraptastic December 2014 Layout Share

I'm nearly done with my December 2014 Scraptastic Kit. It was a super cute Christmas kit stuffed with epherma and paper. I added two pages from the Peppermint 6x6 paper pack. 

I did seven layouts:
Puppy Wishes and Odin Dreams (New Puppy Scrapbook Layout)
Twinkle (Nutcracker Scrapbook Layout)
Snow Cheer (snowman Scrapbook Layout)
Tis the Season (Music Recital Scrapbook Layout)
Christmas Tree Scrapbook Layout 

You will see that we did get a puppy for Christmas. A seven week old Chocolate Lab/Husky mix named Odin. We still have our pugs and they are getting to know (hate him less) Odin. 

You can watch my share on YouTube!